Thursday, August 4, 2011

Final reflection: An oral presentation about the final project of the course

Final reflection:  An oral presentation about the final project of the course
In this class I had the opportunity to show with my teacher and classmates the project that I have been working on. So I talked about the technological tools I used to create a pedagogical technique to teach English as a foreign language.
So I started talking about the contextualization of the institution where the project will be carried out and the sample to be taken into account. Then, I continued talking about the objectives of the project and the theoretical frame, which consists on previous researches and other relevant references related to the project.
After that, I talked about the methodological frame, that is to say; the description of the steps to be followed to conduct this research. Finally, I showed the audience the ICT tool selected to conduct this project, “a wiki”. I showed and explained all the steps students should perform to accomplish the activities designed in the wiki. Finally, I gave them the opportunity to ask questions or to provide some comments.

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